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How to make concrete pipe
Dec 14, 2017

There are many ways to make a concrete pipe,commonly used inner and outer mold assembly pouring method, spin-casting method and rolling centrifuge tube method of suspended roller cement pipe machine. The use of inner and outer mold assembly pouring method, spin-casting method of production will cause steel mould large number of investment, longer production cycle, and it's difficult to adapt to the progress of the project requirements, and the quality is not easy to control. However rolling centrifuge tube method of suspended roller cement pipe machine has advantages such as the production cycle is short, the process is simple, and the quality is easy to control. Now through roller centrifuged pipe production of reinforced concrete pipe culvert technology to talk about the experience of culvert pipe production process.

1. Product requirements

1.1 Concrete strength to meet the design requirements.

1.2 Steel production in line with design requirements, steel rebar shall not be exposed.

1.3 Geometrical size should be within the allowable deviation.

1.4 Appearance should be straight and smooth, no honeycomb, pitting surface, segregation, potholes, cracks and other defects


2. Cement pipe mold quality control.

Reinforced concrete culvert production first depends on the cement pipe mold to achieve the size compliance, the overall aesthetic requirements. Cement pipe mold's production and installation quality is the key. Concrete flatness, finish, color and mold are directly related. It will lead to poor quality or appearance of culvert concrete and other phenomena if the mold is not smooth, slab joint is not tight, water seepage and mortar leakage occurs,even bolts are loose and deformation, etc. Cement pipe mold should adopt high-quality large plane combination of elastic steel template for precision machining. Production process requires standards and specifications, and the interface, longitudinal joint to be amended. It use coarse grinding, fine grinding, micro-grinding and polishing process for mirror processing, and at the same time ensure that the mold has sufficient strength and stiffness.



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