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How to maitain hydraulic oil tank for Hydraulic concrete block making machine
Nov 01, 2017

An oil-level gage is installed aside the hydraulic oil tank. Daily check should be made to ensure the standard oil level in the tank. Check the oil temperature, and the maximum is 80; hydraulic machine can be turned on when the oil temperature is above 30.

Circulating water is used to cool the hydraulic oil, and the temperature should be checked at least once a day to obtain record oil temperature to be compared with normal oil temperature; if it’s higher than normal temperature, then there might be something wrong with the system.

Hydraulic oil leakage around the piston rod at the capping generally

indicates that the seal elements ought to be changed

Disconnect the hydraulic cylinder from the unloading machine;

Check the piston rod to ensure there is no bur or other metals of displacement, since defect like the bur will the sliding of the capping and the piston rod;

Slide the capping down the piston rod and remove the seal elements.

Clean thoroughly the capping and the seal slot;

Check if there is any abrasion of the capping hole; change it if necessary.

If the capping is all right, change the seal elements only;

Spread grease oil on in the seal slot of the capping and on all new seal elements.

Check the surface of the piston robs for any abrasion, bur or other damages. If there is abrasion, the seal elements of the piston rob might be worn before its time.

Spread grease oil on the capping and seal elements.

Revolve the capping into the retaining block until its head is firmly sealed. Other seal elements are of press braking with no need of further adjustment.

Hydraulic oil tank



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