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How to maintain wooden pallets for sale
May 12, 2018



1.Wooden pallets have certain requirements for their storage environment. Due to the influence of the material of the wooden pallets, the wooden pallets cannot be kept in a humid environment for a long time. This will increase the moisture in the wooden pallets, and the moisture in the wooden pallets will increase. , it will be a very suitable environment for the growth of mold, it is likely to cause moldy phenomenon in the wooden tray. Therefore, when using wooden pallets, do not put wooden pallets in a relatively humid environment for a long time.

2. In the process of using wooden pallets, we must handle them lightly. If wooden pallets are used for a long time to maintain wooden pallets, it will easily affect the service life of wooden pallets.

3. During the rainy season, due to the large amount of rainfall, the content of water molecules in the warehouse may increase. At this time, we must pay attention to the frequent ventilation of the warehouse, keep the air dry, and avoid the wooden pallets. Excessive moisture content, moldy appearance, caused damage to us.

4. When using wooden pallets, we can apply a layer of tung oil on the surface of wooden pallets. In this way, we can effectively prevent wood pallets from appearing moldy.

wooden pallets for sale

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