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How to maintain vibration box for Hollow Block Making Machine
Oct 21, 2017

Vibration box:

This part is the core of block making machine. Check often to see if any displacement of the two axes occurs along the axial direction. Make on time check or replacement.The tension of the belt is very important. During operation, the tension side and the loose should be in line between the belt pulleys, with no slacking off or arches.The tension of the belt should be checked every 8hours of production. Besides, check regularly if the belt is of enough tension, with no slipping.

Vibration box.jpg

Some tips:

1.No belt is to be put on worn belt pulleys, which should be changed to ensure proper coalition of the belt and the slots to avoid slipping and belt abrasion.

2.Keep the belt clean. No amendment. If the belt slips, clear it, and readjust its tension.

3.The surface of all the components of the system complex should be protected from oil and dust. Regular cleaning should be done to the external surface of the oil tank

4. When doing regular check, please refer to the basic manual for hydraulic system for hydraulic system requirements.

5.Grease adding frequency and quantity had better be controlled according to the regulations stated above, because too much grease will cause too much heat accumulation; and it’s better to be added after 2 hours of running since axle bearings accept grease more easily when they are hot.


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