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How to maintain the Automatic Batching Machine
Dec 01, 2017

The operation and maintenance of automatic-batching-machine

1.To check whether the weighing device is in normal working condition before work. The jamming and other phenomena affecting weighing accuracy should be promptly ruled out.

2. To check whether the electrical part of the wiring is correct and solid, and the housing of electrical box is securely grounded.

3. To check whether the moving part is working properly in operation at any time, whether the conveyor belt is without deviation and whether there is foreign matter falling between the belt and action roller. If there are some abnormalities, immediately shut down to exclude.

4. All operation sites should be filled with butter. Belt roller removed and refueled once a year.

5.The machine must shut down and cut off the total power supply in the maintenance of the machine.

6. The ingredients controller should equip with rain-proof, sun-proof and dust-proof facilities.

7. To prevent sand, stones mixed with steel, boulders and other debris, avoiding damage to the conveyor belt.

8. In order to protect the safety of ingredients control instrument, the ingredients controller should not be used in harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain, thunder. Also, the total power supply should be turned off and the connection between the sensor and the batching controller should be removed, in order to prevent controller damage.

9.The voltage fluctuations of power supply must be less than -5 ~ 5%.

10.At least , to calibrate weighing system annually according to the standard scale method of the batching controller, ensuring the accuracy of weighing.



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