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How to Maintain Hydraform Block Making Machine
Oct 30, 2018

 1.Chains and gears should be lubricated, including mixers, conveyors, distributors, stackers, and mainframes and batching stations.
2.Each reducer of Hydraform Block Making Machine should be refueled regularly, about 10-20 days one time
3.Cement screw should be refueled regularly, the air pump and oil-water separator should also be refueled regularly, all other oil-filled holes must be refueled regularly.
4. If the machine is shut down for a long time, the water must be drained, especially in the northern part. Before the ice is frozen in winter, the water in the water pump, water pipe and cooler must be drained, and the cement in the cement silo and screw conveyor should be drained.
5. Regularly check the oil quantity of the vibrator. It is advisable to just discharge the oil from the oil level screw hole. If it is found that the vibration shaft oil seal or the vibrator upper oil leakage is to be repaired in time.
6. The fixing screws of the stroke switch and the probe should be checked regularly to prevent loosening.
7. Waterproof measures should be taken at the feeding gate of concrete mixer
8. Regularly check the high and low voltage lines, mainly at the joints,If you require more information of our Hydraform Block Making Machine,please email sales@unikmachinery.com.

How to Maintain Hydraform Block Making Machine

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