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How to maintain Concrete Ready mixing batching plant
Apr 21, 2018

The dust prevention of the concrete ready mixing batching plant is particularly important. The accumulation of dust brings great inconvenience to the maintenance and repair of the mixing plant, which reduces the performance of all equipment, shortens the service life, and damages the lubrication. Therefore, it is necessary to minimize the amount of dust generated from the principle of the structure,and regular cleaning and maintenance.

1.The transmission system
All gears, gearboxes, chains, etc. shall be filled with lubricating oil (fat) as required;
The sound of the transmission part is normal, and the gear box and bearings do not generate heat and leak oil;
Triangular belt elastic suitable (central can press 10-15mm), the middle of the transmission chain sinking no more than 20mm;
The wire rope has no big abrasion, the clamp head and the connection are firm, and the surface has grease;
Brakes and clutches perform well and brake pads wear out to a certain degree.

2.The mixing system
The mixing drum runs smoothly, the liners, blades, and no looseness, and if any damage is replaced in time;
When liners, blades, scrapers, agitator arms wear to a certain extent or cannot be adjusted, they must be replaced in time;
Timely or periodic cleaning of the concrete in the mixer, when the concrete on the inner wall of the mixer becomes thicker, not only the volume of the mixer must be reduced, but also the speed of sticking the concrete can be increased.
Sand gravel mouth will be due to the adhesion of the material to make the bucket mouth switch obstruction, the cement feed port will be smaller and smaller because of water and gas bonding, resulting in feeding difficulties, so regular cleaning;
The feed line of admixtures may slow down or cause clogging due to precipitation and solidification, and must be regularly cleaned.

3.Install the fastening and cleaning
The main body and bracket, loading bracket and other facilities should be installed and connected firmly, and the fasteners must be complete, complete and secure;
The airframe, site and operating room are clean and no messy items are stacked;
There must be no accumulation of water around the foundation and there is water in the water during the freezing season;
Vibration parts and fastening parts

4.Lubrication components
The shaft end seal of the mixer shall be refueled according to the regulations at the time of each host startup to ensure the long-term normal operation of the oil seal structure;
Other refueling points such as rotating, rotating wheels and tracks need to be timed.


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