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How to maintain Concrete mixer planetary
Nov 03, 2017

Check regularly the gap between the blades and the shell body and the gaps at the ends and at the back block. If any adjustment needs to be done, follow the following regulations.




Every blade must be checked and be adjusted separately .

Turn the blade to a position nearest from the back block;

Loose the bolts connecting the blades and the bearing arm as well as bolts connecting the blade feet and the axis;

Adjust the blades with a rubber beetle to gain correct off the back block;

Firmly fasten all the fixing bolts

Turn the blades to see if the gap is correct.

Check at least twice the tension of the driving belt on the first day of operation, for its tension drops fast when the driving belt is doing trial running.

Check all the compound surfaces joined together by bolts to see if there is any salient point, such as the ridge of the joint or sand-cast clod. Rubdown work should be done if there is any. Most blades of the blending machine are of high rigidity, and are made of fragile materials. So keep the blades surface velvet and smooth to avoid stress cracking.

Before the installation of the blade-arm, eliminate the concrete accumulations on the main axis as well as the hard dry substances inside the blending machine to avoid possible cracking of the blades caused by the breaking of these hard stuffs during operation;

Fix the central blade-arm onto the main axis, and they should be of same distance to the two sides of the blending machine. Then fix the right-side and left-side blade-arms in accordance with the requirements of the installation hub of the blades.

Make sure the external seal of the main axis is still in perfect condition. Change the seal is any abrasion occurs;

Fasten all screws of the blade-arm and the blades in accordance with the force moment requirements, and then the bolts should be fastened carefully to ensure the smoothness and adherence of the compound surface to avoid bringing too much blade stress.

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