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How to maintain China concrete mixer
Nov 07, 2017

After every use, the shafts of concrete mixer will be coated with dried concrete and gravel, we call “shaft holding”, over time and on its surface to form a layer of very thick and not easy to clean the adhesive. the longer you wait to clean it, the more difficult the job. For this reason, always clean your mixer immediately after you complete your work for the day.

 China concrete mixer.jpg

Why we need to clean the dried concrete

  1. Affect the quality of concrete: Mixer shot after mixing the concrete shaft stirring uneven.

  2. Increase the load of concrete mixer, energy consumption increases

  3. Impact wear parts, shaft end seal life, wear parts to speed up wear and tear, after the suspension shaft agitating arm wear is very serious, greatly reducing the service life.

How to avoid dried concrete and gravel adhere to mixing shaft and stirring arm

1.aggregate powder is required to be discharged in the center of mixer,avoid the two mixing shaft. This is the most effective way. According to the concrete mixer concrete size design host feeding system;


2. Adjust the feed time, aggregate, powder pre-mixed into the host (but the aggregate must be the first part), so that the powder can be attached to the aggregate to some extent, to reduce the powder fell into the host attachment On the mixer shaft and arm to increase  efficiency.


3. Elimination of inefficient mixing area, stirring arm near the end of the stirring shaft speed is too low. Low efficiency mixture within the slow movement, the phase flow between the infiltration, the effect is not violent, easy to make the mixture adhered to the mixing shaft


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