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How to maintain cement silo
Nov 28, 2017




Cement silo is a large enclosed tank that used to store bulk cement.It Generally used in construction, water conservancy and so on. Although the routine maintenance of cement silos are generally based on the dust collector that on the top of the cement silo for maintenance.But generally speaking, the routine maintenance will be carried out from the following aspects.

First of all, the most important part of routine maintenance of cement silo is the external cleaning of cement silo.  It's very simple, which only wash with water on the line. As for the internal cleaning, staff must take it seriously. Generally speaking, the top of cement silo often has dust collector, arch breaker and other tools. Detergent always used in the cleaning of cement silos.However, after cleaning, that the interior of silo can not leave any moisture should pay attention to. Otherwise, the body is very easy to rust. Some people may ask how to do if there is a block in the cement silo ?

When this happens, the best way is to use a hammer or shovel to knock out the caking in the body and then clean the interior cement silo. Secondly, the system device of cement silo should be take care. To regularly check whether the dust collector needs replacing is needed. At the same time, we must ensure that the cleaning of dust collector, the regular checking for dust-removal device of the cement silo and the normal operation of the induced draft fan. Also, it's important to check the various sealed parts of cement silo if is normal and develop a habit of regular replacement. Only do these routine maintenance well, the machine can work normally and be improved the work efficiency. It also can increase the life of the machine.


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