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How to maintain automatic cement brick making machine
Feb 25, 2018

Automatic cement brick making machine maintenance is to maintain good equipment performance, extend the service life of equipment and production of high quality products, an important guarantee, each user must give high priority.

1. lubrication: Users need to lubricate the given location, the type of oil and the provisions of the time,Fill the oil. These should be done in preparation.

2.In addition to operating procedures according to the operation, but also pay attention to the working status of all parts.

3.Pay attention to whether the link is loose, also the travel switch, etc, the problem found should be promptly solved

4.After shift of work, the equipment should be cleaned, to prevent the material from condensing on the equipment, affecting the normal operation of the equipment

5.Vibrator oil to be checked regularly, such as the oil level below 20mm must be fillled at
 20 ~ 30mm height, but pay attention to the maximum shall not exceed 35mm

6.should check whether the motor is overheated during running, overheating should take appropriate measures to implement cooling.

7. check the triangle regulary to make sure if it is loose, better to adjust in time

automatic cement brick making machine

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