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How to maintain a lightweight wall panel making machine daily
Jan 12, 2018

Light-weight wall panel is a new energy-saving environmental building materials in construction industry, and is also in line with the state's new energy-saving environmental protection policies. It has been strongly supported by the state, and wall panel industry is also more and more prosperous. In order to meet the needs of the market, more and more wall panel manufacturers began to find the advanced wall panel equipment for improving their own production efficiency. The production of wall panels is difficult to leave lightweight wall panel making machine, and the machinery in the operation certainly need maintenance work. Today to introduce a few maintenance for lightweight wall panel making machine. Hope to help everyone improve their production efficiency of the wall panel.

First, when the lightweight wall panel making machine is in operation, its lubrication system is a crucial point. Therefore, in the daily maintenance of lightweight wall panel making machine process, it should be on a regular basis for the replacement of lubricants. In the replacement of oil, we should be cleaned up firstly, so that it will not be some unnecessary problems when adding a new lubricant.

Secondly, equipment cleaning and protection work should be done in place. When the machine is disabled, the inside and outside vibration chassis of the equipment should be cleaned. That the machine's chassis is too dirty will affect the motor's heat dissipation effect. The lubricants on the rolling axis should also be regularly cleaned to avoid too much debris and grease, but affect the operation of the rolling axis. 

Thirdly, the components of the equipment should be regularly checked or replaced, such as checking the machine bearings, oil seals and some other wearing parts. Because they are often worn. Inspection found that if there has serious wear, it should be promptly replaced, so as not to affect the normal operation of the lightweight wall panel making machine.

The above is the basic maintenance of lightweight wall panel making machine and maintenance work. Lightweight wall panel making machine is good or bad, its maintenance work is important. But choose a good factory, after-sales service will have a better protection. If you have any questions, you can contact us in detail.


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