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How to maintain a diesel engine daily
Jan 06, 2018

Why diesel engine should have daily maintenance ? In fact, the purpose of regular diesel engine maintenance is to reduce the breakdown, extend the service life, improve work efficiency, reduce operating costs and so on. In fact, about 70% of breakdowns are caused by not being properly serviced.So, what do we need to do to maintain the diesel engine every day and let it less out of trouble?


First, check the fuel tank level. Look at the amount of fuel tank storage is enough, if not enough,add enough as needed.


Second, check the liquid level of oil. To see if the oil level is within the specified range, and if the oil is not enough, add it in time.

Third, check the water level of the radiator. To see if the radiator water or antifreeze is missing. If missing, be sure to add in time.


Fourth, take a look at the situation of diesel engine smoke, whether there is blue smoke, white smoke, black smoke phenomenon, listening to the engine if there is abnormal sound.If the smoke is not normal and the engine has abnormal sound,we must check and maintain promptly, so as not to affect the next progress of work.


Fifth, wipe the diesel engine.This may seem unimportant, in fact, is also very necessary.Because wiping the engine is not only to ensure diesel engine clean, more important point is conducive to find the engine's oil spill, leakage and so on.


Sixth, look at the dashboard. To see if there is a problem with the dashboard, or if the display on the dashboard engine is normal.


Seventh, check the engine connections, fixed parts are fastened.This work is also very necessary, because the machine will inevitably produce vibration in operation.The vibration will make the connection, fixed parts of the screw loose.Once the screws are loose, it causes the machine to run weak, the body jitter,or damage to machine components, and may even causes unnecessary safety incidents.


Eighth, check the water separator. To see if it needs drainage.If the water in oil-water separator does not drain the water in time,then the nozzle will often break down, thus affecting the life of the engine.


In the daily inspection and maintenance, we usually ignore some details and it is often these details that cause the diesel engine to break down.Therefore, we must be  careful in the daily inspection and maintenance of the diesel engine, so as to prevent it gradually. 


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