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How to install the Mould of block making machine
Dec 09, 2017


A smooth surface is required for the assembly of mould. If the base of the mould is not fixed on smooth surface, then accurate dimensions cannot be ensured and the bearing plate won’t be able to bond with the mold evenly, which will reduce the quality of bricks and quicken the abrasion of the mold.

Add other installation frame bolts and fasten them with your hands.

Put the backing strip at the ends into the mould and fix all the fasteners. Use high-neck lock washers to ensure correct height of the screw.

Fasten the bolts both on the top and at the bottom to position the lock washers. Fasten the back block at the end.

Use an L square to check the pattern drawing obliquity to make it easier for the drawing of the pattern and to reduce the abrasion. But, no minus obliquity is allowed. Adjust the obliquity with a hammer before the installation frame bolts are fastened.

Check again the longitudinal height and obliquity height of the mould chamber and the height of the installation frame. When all the above heights are confirmed correct, fasten all the installation frame bolts.

When the adjustment of the length and the end obliquity of the mold chamber have been done, fasten the attachment screws that lock the partition plate. These attachment screws are under the edge of the top plate. Notice: If these attachment screws are not fasted and not kept strained, the partition plate and the top plate will be damaged very soon.

Fix the upper mold to the mould head plate with bolts (lock washers are needed on the bolts); but these bolts are not to be completely fastened for the sake of adjustment on the two sides. Use a ruler of an angle square two make sure the ends of all the upper mould plates are in line.

Adjust the mould case to be assembled to the center of the mould chamber and make sure there is a 1mm gap between the upper mould plate and the mould box partition plate. Make sure the upper mold head assembly is out of the touch of any component in the mould box.


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