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How to install a concrete drainage pipe
Sep 26, 2017

With the development of the city, the ecological environment is becoming more and more stringent, the concept of environmental protection enters into every citizen, and the city's sewage discharge is increasing lead to serious pollution,some old city has not yet achieved rain and sewage diversion, so the quality of the drainage pipe directly affects the road safety and groundwater pollution. The reinforced concrete drainage pipe interface is an important part of the underground rainwater drainage project which the quality directly affects the quality of the entire project, but also affect the normal operation of the drainage system. At present, most of China's urban laying drainage pipes are generally used to be produced by concrete pipe making machine at concrete casing or mouth tube and so on.


1.Dig trenches

Groove excavation mainly is used by excavator and manual assist, need to reserve 20-30cm for base, Pay attention to observe the soil changes during digging, avoid collapse. and make sure there is no water in the trench



 The foundation should be tamped by C20 concrete with water sprinkled, the width of foundation should be the same as trench.


3.Pipes laying

Must double check the height, central line and position, The order of the row should be upstream from the downstream, the mouth to the upstream direction. Socket to the downstream direction, A well and pipeline interface with half section of the short tube, with the mouth should be arranged in the pit into the water inlet, with the socket should be ranked in the direction of the wells out of the water.


4.Back filled

 The material is used coarse yellow sand and stone for backfill, the height will reach at the central of pipe, should be on both sides of the pipeline at the same time even during the material backfill


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