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How to install cement drain pipe in other ways
Jan 24, 2018

Cement drain pipe produce by cement pipe makingm machine is an important part of drainage in the site. Its quality directly impacts on the quality of the entire project, but also affects the normal operation of the drainage system. However, the drain is generally divided into: several common types. And installation methods also have some stress, do you know about the knowledge of relevant aspects ? 

1. Measurement: we measured centerline according to the drawings, and calculated the groove depth and slope with respectively 10m, 5m for the interval. 

2. Digging trenches: trench digging is based on machinery, with artificial place shoveling and slope repairing. And we should be careful to reserve 20-30 cm of substrate. 

3. The foundation treatment: we should clean up the debris in the trench, tamp and bring the substrate to level in order to ensure base is compliance with the relevant provisions.

4. The pipeline foundation: after compaction of the original soil, we can lay the pipeline directly above the soil. If the foundations are not good, the base should be treated first.  

5. Pipeline installation: we should choose the right pipeline, handle the pipeline with joint processing, clean the nozzle, and dampen the  scabbling. 

Also, we should check the installed pipe to ensure that there is no problem. After that we can handle the pipe for the post-processing. Finally, the trench should be backfilled from both sides of the pipe, paid attention to discharge ponding in the ditch Then we can backfill in accordance with the prescribed soil and compact the soil. 

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