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How to install a bolted cement grain silo
Nov 30, 2017

Bolted cement grain silo is a series of cement silos, made up of many components. These components must be installed one by one to use. So, how to install it?


1.At the construction site, first of all, to support the outrigger. When installing the outrigger, using the screw to connect the outrigger and the cylinder well. To adjust the support distance between the outrigger evenly, and then tighten the screws.

2.The installation of the pipeline. The pipeline is to sent the cement and it has high demands for sealing. The rubber gasket should be installed well during the installation, otherwise it will lead to dust emitting from chip-mounted cement silo in use.

3.The installation of the dust collector on the top of silo. At first, to check the filter element if is intact when it is installed. Then using the screw to fix it.

4.The installation of the fence, ladder, platform requires solidity. Otherwise, it will cause casualties.

5. The installation of butterfly valve need to tighten the screws first, then open the butterfly valve, preventing the butterfly valve can not be opened automatically when cementing.

6.The installation of screw conveyor, be sure to precisely determine the length of the required screw conveyor before installation. The screws must be tightened during installation, preventing the leakage of bulk material from the screw conveyor when mounted cement silo worked.

7.After the above components are installed, the crane lift the split cement silo, and then weld the outriggers and the embedded parts firmly.

If you need further information of cement grain silo, please feel free to email sales@unikmachinery.com or visit our website: www.unikblockmachine.com


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