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How to install a Pallets conveyor stacker lift feeding machine
Dec 16, 2017

Installation precautions of Pallets conveyor stacker lift feeding machine:


1. Determine the direction of delivery plate, use the way of side delivery generally when the brick machine, forced mixer used to install in a line; the way of back delivery can be use when brick, mixer placed vertically.

2.Confirming cloth cylinder or other cloth moving machine is not above the pallet warehouse and doesn't affect the lower plate. If the lower plate has been affected, the way of board warehouse moving, pallet conveyor and so on should be take to move away.

3. To confirm that the square tube on the front of the palletizing machine is not touching the belt conveyor.

4.To confirm that there are positions for placed forklift, hydraulic transfer car on the pallet putting position of automatic baking-free brick palletizing machine and strive to use easyily; Wherever possible, leave the palletizing  machine in a large sideward position to facilitate the placement of the pallet, which is conducive to the use.

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