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How to install a new pump for interlocking brick making machine
Nov 10, 2017

When installing a new pump unit for interlocking brick making machine, pre-filtered hydraulic oil ISO68 is required. If the pump hasn’t been used for more than 6 months, check if there is any pollution before rebooting. The hydraulic oil might contain impurities like water or acid, which will harm the hydraulic elements, pump, ducts as well as the valves. The quality of hydraulic oil must be assessed in qualified labs.


The oil can be added directly through the oil outlet to reduce the amount of air contained in the pump to the minimum. The existence of air inside the pump will greatly reduce its operational life.

Ensure the smoothness of the gate valve, ball valve and other throttling devices locating on the intake side of the pump. These devices are between the oil tank and the pump.

Make sure that the stop valve on the pressure side is open. The stop valve is between the oil tank and the pump.

Make sure all the terminals of the hydraulic ducts are firmly fastened to prevent oil leakage or loose in operation.

Make sure that, in operation, when the magnet valve is opened, the hydraulic oil is able to flow freely through the system. The hydraulic pump assembly will be damaged is the system is blocked in operation.



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