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How to install a cuber machine
Jan 11, 2018

Cuber machine is a very popular device and many industries need to use cuber machine.Stacks that produced by cuber machine have the same size and specifications, and are very convenient in handling process. Due to the placement of each layer may be different, so the stacks that piled up by laborer are prone to tilt and collapse.Cuber machine need install to use.So,where we should pay attention to when it's installed and used? 

First of all, when installing fully automatic cuber machine, we need to ask for specialists to carry out the installation. Do not install the defective part on the machine. This can result in increased pressure on other components, and increases the probability of automatic cuber machine failure, laying a security risk. 

Secondly, to ensure that the installation of the various lines in cuber machine connected correctly and there is no free wiring situation. In this way it will be safe when used, and will not arise short circuit or electric shock situation.

When cuber machine is in the operation process, people is strictly prohibited to stand next to the cuber machine. The place need to pull up the isolation network, so as to avoid accidents. If the components of automatic cuber machine arise problems in the using process, we must promptly cut off the power and turn off the system. After all safety measures have been made, repair the machine or replace spare parts. 

Each time you use the automatic cuber machine, you have to check safety facilities of cuber machine if there are any problems. If there is any problem, start the cuber machine as soon as possible. 


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