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How to extend the service life of QT3-15 Block Making Machine
Mar 02, 2018

The length of a device life of QT3-15 block making machine related to the manufacturing enterprises and equipment maintenance is inextricably linked,

1.Mainly to prevention, regular maintenance and regular maintenance both.we must grasp the laws of equipment operation and parts wear and tear, strengthen routine maintenance and inspection, promptly eliminate equipment defects and hidden dangers to prevent equipment accidents,Improper maintenance will accelerate the wear and tear of parts and components, suffer unexpected damage, and increase the number of repairs,However, the maintenance work does not completely eliminate normal wear and tear and must be planned overhaul.When the equipment loss reaches a certain limit, it is planned to carry out maintenance.

2.Mainly to professional maintenance, the implementation of professional maintenance and operator maintenance combined.To play professional maintenance staff familiar with the equipment structure and maintenance of technical level advantages of maintenance, and production operations workers are very familiar with the equipment prone to failure of the site. Therefore, professional maintenance and operator maintenance combined, easier to repair the equipment.

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QT3-15 Block Making Machine

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