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How to ensure the safe use of Bolted Cement Silo
Jul 02, 2018

For the bolted cement silo, it may be deformed or broken due to overpressure, so in the use of the cement silo, it is necessary to ensure the balance of the pressure in the cement silo, and the staff needs to do observation and supervision of cement silos at all time.

1. Special personnel are required to take charge of the pressure inside the cement silo and its own quality management work. The relevant quality supervision shall be carried out for the whole process of the production and operation of the silo, and effective records shall be made. Ensure that the national technical standards and quality regulations regarding the cement silo of the mixing station are effectively implemented in the silo

2. For cement silo just shipped out, the quality of silo needs to be inspected from various aspects to ensure that raw materials entering silo, personnel operations, equipment operations, and program implementation meet the cement silo quality requirements.

3, To avoid overcapping the cement silo due to operational errors. Requires personnel who have a certain understanding of the cement silo and operating specifications. The overpressure of the cement tank pressure vessel is mostly due to improper operation, and it is necessary to observe the changes in the bulk tank at all times in order to better ensure the safety of the equipment.

Although the cement silo is a device with high safety performance in the pressure vessel equipment, once the pressure exceeds the standard, it will have a great impact on the equipment. In order to be able to better maintain and use the equipment, it must be strictly prohibited.If you more information of bolted cement silo,please feel free to email to sales@unikmachinery.com.

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