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How to dispose and manage construction waste
Sep 29, 2017

There are lot of waste involved in construction building special in building demolished, In China as we don’t have special handling site for construction waste, numerous construction enterprises in the urban and rural areas used to get dumped into landfills daily which lead to land occupied and environmental pollution. Now the management and disposal for construction waste become more and more important.since some of its components are high potential for recycling and re-use which have a high resource value.Hence the policies and legislation are announced by state government to support energy-saving recycled building materials industry, but how to recycle those construction waste and demolition is becoming a new issue.

Firstly we should categorise and separate rubbishes to ensure every kind of waste go to right place, secondly as concrete products producer, after removal wood, steel and organic material, the left waste brick needs to be re-processed into crushed stone due to material required for block making which will replace 20% of cement with fly ash, Compared with the previous clay brick, concrete blocks produced without kiln firing, saving huge amounts of energy, and decreasing CO2 production by 80%, are able to promote economic and social benefits with environmental protection, low cost characteristics. And concrete products are high compressive strength as well as can be moulded into any shape and size by block making machine, having weather, impact and abrasion resistance characteristics.


                 Construction waste



        Re-processed with crusher 



   Mixing with cement and sand



      Transfer to block machine


Concrete products.jpg

          Final concrete product


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