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How to clean a Diesel concrete mixer
Nov 09, 2017

Diesel concrete mixeris the cement, gravel aggregate and water mixed and mixed into a concrete mixture of machinery. Mainly by the mixing drum, feeding and discharging agencies, water supply systems, prime mover, transmission, rack and support components. A Diesel concrete mixer requires thorough cleaning after every use.


1. In the use of concrete mixer stop working with water and stones into the mixing tube 10 ~ 15 minutes for cleaning, Pour in some gravel and water to begin cleaning the inside of the drum. Add the water first, then the gravel.

2. Operators who have to enter the mixing drum to clean,in addition to cut off the power and remove the fuse, and must lock the switch box;


3. If cleaning the concrete mixer found that the inner wall of the drum is strong, it is forbidden to use a sledgehammer to clear the concrete accumulated in the concrete mixer drum, and only can be slowly removed with a chisel;


4. After the concrete mixer works, wash the mixer drum with water and drain the water pump, water tank and water pipe to avoid the freezing of the winter temperature too low.


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