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How to choose concrete block machine manufacturers in China
Jan 12, 2019

Before customer invest a block factory, firstly you have to know how to choose concrete block machine manufacturers in China, here are some tips.

1.Figure out the style and specifications of the block required by the local market, as well as the approximate production requirements, to determine the model of the equipment.
2.At present, labor is relatively scarce, and labor costs are relatively high. Therefore, if sufficient funds are available, the supporting equipment can be fully equipped to save labor. If the funds are insufficient, the basic supporting equipment will be matched to ensure production, and other equipment will be added later.
3.choose equipment with a certain scale of production, the equipment quality is relatively reliable, and the after-sales service is guaranteed, which is directly related to the stable production of the equipment and the quality of the blocks.
4. Do not choose the block factory where is closed to the residential area. Because the equipment sounds louder, it is best to choose a convenient transportation site one kilometer away from the residential area, and then determine the site area according to the equipment model;Site layout, equipment installation and commissioning, operation process and raw material ratio, do not have to worry about, the equipment manufacturers in place will send technicians to direct guidance and operation, one-stop service.
5.The procedures for setting up factories can be consulted by relevant local authorities, and concrete block machine manufacturers can also provide corresponding suggestions. if you require more information, please email us sales@unikmachinery.com

How to choose concrete block machine manufacturers in China

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