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How to choose block clamp
Feb 01, 2018

Target goods and their special attributes and requirements: First of all, it is necessary to clarify the types of target goods (such as paper rolls, soft rolls, barrels, appliances, tubes, trays, etc.) to determine the general purchase target. And then according to the weight of the goods, surface area, packaging materials and other information to determine the specific specifications of the block clamp.

The service environment of block clamp: It mainly refers to the the height and width of used space, make sure that the extra height and width of block clamp that do not affect the mobility of forklifts in narrow alleys or crowded lanes, or convenience of access to truck trailers and containers.

Block clamp frequency of use: The purchase of block clamp is necessary or only occasional use.
If it is the former, it is recommended to install a special forklift permanently to simplify the use of steps to improve equipment efficiency; If it is the latter, you can consider to take the "quick release" mode.

Block clamp impact for forklift performance: Belonging to the weight and size of the forklift's performance and safety have a huge impact. The weight and the length of the appliance with paired installation should be roughly equal, and should ensure that the center of gravity in each part the and the forklift own center of gravity are at the same level. In operation, you should  sufficient consideration should be given to the effects of block clamp displacement on forlift  stability, load capacity and maneuverability. The size of the forklift is also an optional element should be considered.

Hydraulic system matching and modification: The flow and pressure of the hydraulic system are the determinants of the load and lift of the forklift and its block clamp, as well as the roll and rotational speed. Therefore, after adding attachments, you need to make the necessary adjustments and modifications of forklift hydraulic system, which to support the realization of the block clamp function and to provide extra load force.

Battery capacity:Taking into account that some of the block clamps are quite heavy. So in order not to affect the operation, you should replace forklift battery with larger capacity.

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