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How to choose an Automatic Hollow Block Making Machine
Sep 30, 2018

1. Need to look at professional technology: Whether it is Automatic Hollow Block Making Machine industry or other equipment production industry, most manufacturers will brag about how good their equipment is, how to professional, so as to promote investment , Here we remind customers, not only to listen to the manufacturer's surface, we also need to conduct field visits, not only to conduct on-site inspections by manufacturers, we also need to conduct on-site inspections; ask the production site boss how long the Automatic Hollow Block Making Machine is used, equipment performance how about it? If you want to know the production capacity, you need to ask clearly. Do not listen to the words of the manufacturer.
2. When buying a machine, it depends on the quality of the hydraulic cylinder. Whether the motor meets the national standard or not, the quality of the hydraulic pump station is related to the quality of the entire hydraulic system. Also depends on the quality of the molding die. If it is made with ordinary steel plate, without any treatment, the quality is definitely not guaranteed. It may take 10 days, 8 days, or 1 month, 2 months, If you have to change the mold again, this will increase the cost of the mold and increase the cost. If you choose the mold that has been carburized in our factory, you can use it for 1 year - 2 years or even longer. We will count this account, which one The molds are easy to see at a glance, so buy a machine must be carefully examined.
3. Then look at the manufacturer's after-sales service , we have a professional after-sales team, provide tracking after-sales service at any time, so that you have no worries.If you require more information of our Automatic Hollow Block Making Machine,please email sales@unikmachinery.com

How to choose an Automatic Hollow Block Making Machine

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