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How many types of pallets
Jan 05, 2018

Pallet is a horizontal platform device for placing goods and articles, which as unit load for collection, stacking, handling and transportation. It is general make of wood, metal, fiberboard, and easy to load and unload, handle unit supplies and small quantities of supplies. The main types of pallets are wood, plastic, metal and other materials. Wood pallet is now the most widely used, because of its cheap and strong. Plastic pallet is more expensive, its load is also small. However, with the progress of the plastic pallet manufacturing process, some high-load plastic pallets have appeared, and are slowly replacing wooden pallets. Metal pallet is solid and durable, and its disadvantage is easy to corrosion and has higher prices. 

The size of the pallet used in the import and export process are generally 110 * 980 * 20 (CM).If it is wooden pallet, it must also pass the International Plant Protection Convention ( referred as IPPC) certification. According to No. 4 notice of the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine in 2005, when goods of wood packaging are transported to the EU, Canada, the United States, Australia and other countries,its wood packaging should be affixed IPPC special logo from March 1, 2005( except for plywood, particleboard, fiberboard, etc.) . 

Compared to the wooden pallet, plastic pallet has advantages such as light, smooth, beautiful, good integrity, no nails no thorns,inodorous and atoxic, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistantance, easy to wash and disinfect, non-rotten, non-combustion, no static sparks and recyclable, etc. Its service life is 5-7 times longer than wooden pallet. Plastic pallet is an important tool for modern transport, packaging and storage. It is an essential storage equipment used for food, aquatic products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other industries by international regulations. 

Classification of pallet manufacturing materials:


1.Plastic pallet 

Pallet made from industrial plastic as raw material.It is assembled by plastic wood board,which produced by the most advanced international patented technology. It combines the advantages of wooden pallets,plastic pallets and steel pallets, and basically abandoned its deficiencies. Its price is lower than other types of pallets. Products have some advantages such as high strength, good toughness, no distortion, no moisture absorption, no mildew, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, easy processing, low cost, recyclable, pollution-free and so on. 

2. Wooden pallet

Wooden pallet is made of natural wood as raw material.

3. Paper pallet

Paper pallet is made of pulp and paperboard as raw material. 

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