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How many types of cement - distinguishes from packaging
Sep 27, 2017

Cement is necessary ingredient material in construction works,like sidewalks, buildings,there are many types, it is important for us to understand each type cement's property and know how to use, In packaging field,here we want to introduce two types cement:

Bulk cement and bagged cement.jpg

1.bulk cement and bagged cement

Cement packaged with plastic woven bags or paper bags in China, usually in 50kg.also can be directly poured into a dedicated bulk car or train, delivered to the construction site and poured into the storage warehouse.

2.Bulk cement and bags of cement applications: because some people doesnt have storage place, they prefer to bags of cement, for  construction site, they use bulk cement in large amount, this can help them to save the cost of woven bags and labor cost.

3.In terms of performance, bulk cement and bagged cement are not much different,Bulk cement and bagged cement are just two different forms of cement packaging and storage. actually bulk cement is not used paper bags (including plastic woven bags, composite bags.etc) for packing, under strict production process, improve product quality (especially cement stability indicators), directly through special equipment (including bulk cement facilities, tools,storage tanks) for transportation and storage. it is good seal, the cement doesnt degenerate during stored period.According to the test, bulk cement experienced 13 months, the cement label does not decline; bagged cement stored 12 months after the intensity reduced by 30-50%, it is possible to turn  wet ,damp, and agglomeration sometimes.

Above information is some tips for customers who have already purchased block making machine and face the problem on how to purchase cement.

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