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How long does concrete pipe last
Jun 12, 2018

Theoretically, concrete components are almost infinitely long under the conditions of correct design, correct construction, and correct use. China's industrial and civil building design goals (except for special projects) are set for 50 years. The conditions are normal design, normal construction and normal use.

The concrete pipe has a better lifespan during the use, because the corrosion resistance of the product is very good.Then there is also a better product strength in the use of the product, because the use of this product in the ground will naturally give it a better strength.

The domestically developed asbestos cable pipe adopts advanced technology such as electric reaming, uses high-strength and pollution-free asbestos fiber as the disk material, and adds high-strength, high-movenylon fiber, plant fiber and other raw materials, uses high-grade cement as the main raw material, and passes a new generation of reinforced fiber cement cable tube made of rolled, asbestos cement cable tube with high strength (tube body bending load, external pressure load 10,000 -30000N), acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance (above 1500 °C without deterioration) Good heat dissipation (hot yin coefficient ∠1.0), laying coefficient is 0.96, large current carrying capacity, non-magnetic, single-core cable, no eddy current, smooth inner wall, friction coefficient ∠0.30, easy cutting and other advantages. After asbestos-cement-cement pipes are laid underground, the wet mud will continue the hardening process of the pipes, and the strength of the asbestos-cement pipes will increase, and the service life can reach 100 years.

concrete pipe

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