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How does JS500 Concrete Mixer work
Jul 13, 2018

The JS 500 mixer is a double-shaft forced concrete mixer. Through reasonable design, the mixing efficiency is high, and the quality of the stirred concrete is fine and uniform. But how does JS500 concrete mixer work? Do you know?

1. Feeding sand and gravel loading is manual feeding, small dump truck picking up; water is pumped by the JS500 mixer water pump to the top tank, and the water is manually operated; the cement is directly dumped into the mixer hopper by manual unpacking.

2. The weighing sand and gravel are weighed by the weight of the manual push trolley; the cement is measured by 50kg per pack; the water is quantified by the water tank scale. Weighing error: 2% for cement, 3% for sand and stone, and 2% for water admixture.

3. The aggregate sand and cement are poured into the hopper of the mixer. The wire rope pulling hopper climbs upwards. When climbing to a certain height, the hopper enters the loading frame, the door is automatically opened, and the material is discharged into the mixing drum through the funnel while pushing the sluice enters the water.

The material is generally mixed for 58s. When the concrete mixture is stirred evenly, it can be discharged.

The mixer is the bottom opening and unloading, which avoids the tilting of the mixing drum, which is safe and labor-saving, and simplifies the structure. The arrangement is more compact and reasonable. The concrete falls into the transport trolley and is sent to the on-site pouring place.

The use of the JS500 mixer alone requires a lot of manual participation. It is recommended that you can use the PLD800 concrete batching machine together to achieve automation, greatly improve productivity, and be safe and reliable.if you want more information, please email sales@unikmachinery.com.

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