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How does Concrete Batching plant work
May 21, 2018

The concrete batching plant machine is an important part of the concrete mixing plant. The accuracy of the ingredients determines the quality of the concrete.here we would like to introduce two methods of batching:

1.The first is a belt batching type. This structure generally has a raw material storage hopper at the top, a weighing bucket at the bottom, and a unloading conveyor belt at the bottom. The storage hopper is used to store raw materials to be dispensed, and the bottom of the storage hopper is directly opposite the ingredient conveyor belt.Customers use this type of concrete batching machine mostly to reduce the purchase cost. They hope to use the weighing bucket of a concrete batching machine to measure bulk cement at the same time. The concrete screw conveyor will drive the cement in the cement silo into the batching machine weighing bucket and generally does not advocate This usage, this will make the cement fluidity is good, resulting in a small amount of cement overflow in the gap between the measuring hopper and the conveyor belt, resulting in on-site dust pollution or cement loss, if you must use this method you must use grooved belt roller, and bucket The addition of soft and thin ribs at the mouth can effectively control the cement spillage.

 2.The other method is cylinder batching, and the upper part is a raw material storage hopper, which is a height-raising plate with a large number of storage capacity settings, and the lower part is a weighing bucket. Each batching door can be equipped with an integral weighing hopper so that each material can be assigned to the same weighing hopper (accumulated metering) one by one, or a single weighing hopper (each called the respective material) can be set under each batching door, and the metered materials are conveyed by the bottom belt. This type of batching is suitable for large-scale cement mixing stations and is basically used for more than HZS50. Concrete batching machines are also widely used in building materials industries such as aerated concrete bricks and lightweight wallboards, sand and gravel batching for construction of coal mine shaft protection, and chemical raw material configurations.

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