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How does a concrete cement silo work
Mar 28, 2018

  1. When the bulk concrete cement silo is working, it must be erected by a special crane, then placed on the pre-precast concrete foundation, and make sure the verticality of the cement tank after welding to embedded parts of foundation.

  2. After the storage silo is fixed, the bulk cement truck transports the cement to the construction site, and then the bulk cement truck transport pipeline is connected with the feed pipeline of the cement silo and the gas pressure of the bulk cement truck is used to put the tank inside the tank. The cement is delivered to the cement silo.

  3. During the process of transporting cement into the silo, the operator shall continually press the button of the vibration motor of the dust collector to shake off the cement attached to the bag of the dust collector, so as to prevent the bag from being blocked and the bin to explode.

  4. Once the bag is blocked, the pressure in the chamber exceeds the safety pressure of the pressure relief valve on the top of the bin, and the pressure relief valve can open the pressure in the bin to prevent the occurrence of an explosion.

  5. Through  level measurement, full and missing materials can be observed

  6. When the material needs to be discharged, the manual discharge valve at the bottom of the cone is first opened, and then the cement is conveyed through the cement conveying device (spiral conveyor). In the process of discharging, if the phenomenon of “arching” occurs, the button of the solenoid valve of the broken arch device will be pressed in time to blow the air, eliminate the “arching” and feed, and ensure the smooth supply of cement.

  7. When the cement conveying device (screw conveyor) fails, first close the manual discharge valve at the bottom of the cone to prevent the cement from overflowing and causing waste.

Bulk cement tank

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