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What hollow block advantages and disadvantages
Jan 24, 2019

The new environmentally-friendly hollow blocks are made by hollow block machine,Using fly ash, coal slag, coal gangue, tailings slag, chemical slag or natural sand, sea mud, industrial waste, garbage incinerator slag, etc. (one or several of the above raw materials) as the main raw material, manufactured without high temperature calcination, A new type of wall material is called an environmentally friendly hollow block.Due to its high strength, durability, dimensional standard, complete shape and uniform color, it has a simple and natural appearance. It can be used as a clear water wall and can be used for any exterior decoration. Therefore,It is a promising replacement for clay bricks.

Advantages of hollow blocks:
First, thermal insulation noise reduction
Environmentally-friendly hollow blocks are the preferred products recommended by the national construction department, so the advantages are naturally very many. Environmentally-friendly hollow blocks are divided into shale hollow bricks, sintered hollow bricks, clay hollow bricks, etc., but no matter which kind of environmentally-friendly hollow block, the most remarkable feature of such decoration materials is naturally "hollow", that is, the surface of the block has several small holes through to the bottom. Thanks to this unique medium-pass shape, the environmentally-friendly hollow bricks have very good insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction. The opening of the hole will not deteriorate the sound insulation effect of the wall of the interior wall decoration material, but will have a very good sound insulation effect due to the flow of air and the air pressure.

Second, reduce the total weight of the building
There are generally six holes in the environmentally-friendly hollow blocks. The increase of these holes reduces the total material of the bricks, which reduces the total mass of the materials used, and reduces the total mass of the building. Due to the large increase in the population of our country, the buildings are getting higher and higher. If the decorative materials such as solid bricks are used in the whole high-rise building, the total quality of the building will be very large, and the foundation of the building is difficult to bear such a large The weight remains the same. As a result, the risk factor of the entire building will increase greatly. Therefore, at present, the country first recommends environmentally-friendly hollow block, while foreign buildings mainly use environmentally-friendly hollow blocks.

Disadvantages of hollow blocks:

First, the bearing capacity is poor
Although environmentally-friendly hollow blocks have many advantages, few people use environmentally-friendly hollow blocks in the construction process because environmentally-friendly hollow blocks also have many shortcomings. First of all, the biggest disadvantage of environmentally friendly hollow blocks is the poor bearing capacity. Because the total mass of wall decoration materials such as environmentally-friendly hollow blocks is reduced, the load-bearing capacity is correspondingly reduced. It is very dangerous to hang heavy objects on such walls. Even if it is filled in environmentally-friendly hollow blocks, it is not recommended to place too many things or hang too heavy items after installing wooden bookshelf racks. If you need to hang a wall-mounted TV, you can do a partial grouting treatment on the hollow block to enhance the load-bearing capacity of the environmentally-friendly hollow block.

Second, poor seismic performance
Poor seismic performance is a fatal shortcoming of environmentally friendly hollow blocks. Because the environmental protection hollow block is not real, the overall quality of the block is light, the density of the wall of the house is not large enough, and the environmentally-friendly hollow block has the disadvantage of poor seismic performance. In the Yingjiang earthquake in Yunnan, some people died because of the collapse of environmentally-friendly hollow block houses. The local government also banned the use of hollow block. However, this problem was subsequently explained by experts. The seismic performance hollow blocks in the building materials collection were taken out separately. Although the seismic performance is poor, as long as reasonable construction, plus auxiliary, such as concrete watering, etc., its resistance and general There is no difference in the solid block. Therefore, this shortcoming can be avoided as long as everyone is reasonably built.

hollow block advantages and disadvantages

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