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Concrete Block Making Production Line

  • Automatic Cement Brick Making Machine

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    Automatic Cement Brick Making Machine

    Automatic cement brick making machine To suit the oversea market and ensure the machine works efficiently, we have used many parts manufactured with a well-known brand imported from overseas: 1. Siemens Motor 2.Yuken Valve 3. PEPPERL+FUCHS Sensor Manufacturing: Quality does...Read More

  • Belt Straps

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    Belt Straps

    Belt strapsRead More

  • PVC Block Pallet

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    PVC Block Pallet

    It is made of PVC resin powder with a certain percentage of antiaging agent, lubricant and antioxidant.he pallets are easy to process and can meet the different requirements of specifications.Read More

  • PET Strapping Packing Belt

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    PET Strapping Packing Belt

    PET strapping packing belt Pet strapping packing blet is currently the most popular and environmentally friendly packing materials, is recommended for load securing parcels, bundles,cardboard boxes, pallets and other general warehouse strapping application. in concrete...Read More

  • Wooden Pallets

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    Wooden Pallets

    Wooden Pallets Wooden pallets are made from this sheets of best grade raw material named larch from very famous virgin forest of Daxinganling,China, under heat (temperature 145-150 ℃)and high pressure (6-15 mpa) with strong adhesives to ensure overall strength of pallets and...Read More

  • Cascade Hydraulic Concrete Block Clamp Forklift

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    Cascade Hydraulic Concrete Block Clamp Forklift

    Concrete block clamp could be used for holding variety of stone and concrete blocks ,especially in operations of non pallet transporting and piling of concrete blocks ,bricks ,stones and so on.Read More

  • Stretch Film

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    Stretch Film

    Stretch film It include hand stretch wrapping film and machine stretch wrapping film, width from narrow to wide at various size. with characterized of soft and thin texture, excellent tensile strength, puncture resistance, and tear resistance, are widely used in chemical...Read More

  • Bamboo Pallet

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    Bamboo Pallet

    Bamboo pallet High strength brick machine bamboo pallets.It adopts 6 years' bamboo shoots,after drying, the special phenolic resin has been dipped and composed of multilayer bonding und er 5200 tons high temperature and pressure.After the sizing treatment in surface, high...Read More

  • High Fiber Pallet

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    High Fiber Pallet

    High fiber pallets are usually called GMT pallet, as they are made from Glass Mat reinforced Thermoplastics through high pressing in a mould. widely used in construction site, automobile industry (such as bumper, motor base)Read More

  • Stretch Film Wrap Hand Roll for Packing Manufacturers

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    Stretch Film Wrap Hand Roll for Packing Manufacturers

    This is Pallet Wrap Film(LLDPE Stretch Film) produced by three layer common extruding machine,it provided excellent protection for the surface of packed products.It can reduce packaging cost,its econimical,labor saving.It is easy to use and remove,suitable for palletized...Read More

  • PET Green Strap Packaging Packing Belt China

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    PET Green Strap Packaging Packing Belt China

    PET Strap, also known as bundling and banding, is the process of applying a strap to an item to combine, hold, reinforce, or fasten it. The strap may also be referred to as strapping. Strapping is most commonly used in the packaging industry. It is available in various...Read More

  • Front Feed Drawer Unit

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    Front Feed Drawer Unit

    Front feed drawer unit will help someone who has block machine to produce color pavers and reduce the overall mixing cost, we designed this equipment in manual and automatic.Read More

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