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Concrete Block Making Production Line

  • PVC Block Pallet

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    PVC Block Pallet

    It is made of PVC resin powder with a certain percentage of antiaging agent, lubricant and antioxidant.he pallets are easy to process and can meet the different requirements of specifications.Read More

  • PET Strapping Packing Belt

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    PET Strapping Packing Belt

    PET strapping packing belt Pet strapping packing blet is currently the most popular and environmentally friendly packing materials, is recommended for load securing parcels, bundles,cardboard boxes, pallets and other general warehouse strapping application. in concrete...Read More

  • Plastic Pallets

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    Plastic Pallets

    Plastic pallets Bamboo plastic pallet is simply a layer of plastic wrapped bamboo board. It combined with the advantages of plastic pallets and bamboo plywood, while overcoming the shortcomings of plastic plates and bamboo plywood,production features are as follows: 1.First...Read More

  • Block Clamp

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    Block Clamp

    Block Clamp The clamp is a forklift attachment that includes a frame, an arm connected to the frame and a cylinder connected to the arm. Holding arm includes left and right arms. One end of the cylinder is hinged with the left arm, and the other end of the cylinder is hinged...Read More

  • Block Clamp Forklift

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    Block Clamp Forklift

    Block Clamp Forklift Block clamp is a kind of work component installed on the forklift to meet the special requirements of various material handling and loading and unloading operations,It has changed the traditional way of material handling, making the forklift a versatile...Read More

  • Concrete Compression Testing Machine

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    Concrete Compression Testing Machine

    Concrete Compression Testing machine Concrete Compression Testing machine is mainly used for brick, stone, cement, concrete and other building materials, compressive strength test can also be used for mechanical properties of other materials test. The machine uses hydraulic...Read More

  • Concrete Strength Testing Machine

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    Concrete Strength Testing Machine

    Concrete Block Hydraulic Compression strength Testing Machine Concrete Block Hydraulic Compression strength Testing Machine has been Mainly used for testing concrete, brick, stone, cement, refractory brick and other building materials compressive strength. The press is the...Read More

  • Wooden Pallets For Sale

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    Wooden Pallets For Sale

    Wooden pallets for sale We use imported Southern Pine and Masson Pine as raw material through drying, degreasing, to ensure that the sheet is not deformed, reducing the shrinkage and expansion of the product, Between the product slats and slats using male and female joints,...Read More

  • Stretch Film Wrap

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    Stretch Film Wrap

    Stretch film wrap Standard size: 50cm wide * 760m long * 20μm thick gross weight 5kg, net weight 4.2kg per roll 50cm wide * 600m long * 20μm thick gross weight 4.5kg, net weight 3.8kg per roll 50cm wide * 470m long * 20μm thick gross weight 3.3kg, net weight 3.0kg per roll...Read More

  • Stretch Film For Packing

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    Stretch Film For Packing

    Stretch film for packing The wrapping film is a new generation of packaging materials and has triggered a revolution in the packaging of goods. Stretch film can not only be used for the transportation and packaging of many products, but also can stabilize, cover and protect...Read More

  • Bamboo Pallets For Sale

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    Bamboo Pallets For Sale

    Bamboo pallets for sale There are two main types of bamboo pallets in China, one is a thick curtain process. 25mm thick bamboo glue board is made of six to seven layers of bamboo material. One kind is made by thin curtain technology. 25mm thick bamboo glue board needs 15...Read More

  • Block Pallet

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    Block Pallet

    Block pallets We have the most advanced PVC sheet production equipment in China, specializing in the production of brick machine pallets, fiber brick machine pallets, PVC plastic brick pallets, brick-free pallets, cement brick pallets, and permeable brick pallets. with strict...Read More

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