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Low Cost Cement Brick Making Machine

Low cost cement brick making machine Low cost cement brick making machine is the block machine of new wall materials, which take the use of fly ash, river sand, gravel, stone powder, fly ash, waste ceramic slag, slag and other materials, and adding a small amount of cement. According to...


 Low Cost Cement Brick Making Machine:


Low cost cement brick making machine is the block machine of new wall materials, which take the use of fly ash, river sand, gravel, stone powder, fly ash, waste ceramic slag, slag and other materials, and adding a small amount of cement. According to different molds, it can suppress the appearance of standard brick, porous brick, blind hole brick, hollow brick, pavers and brick with special needs. According to the latter part of the curing technology, the bricks can be divided into baking-free brick with natural curing and steam-cured brick(autoclaved brick) with steam pressure curing and so on.

Low cost cement brick making machine is the environmental protection wall material processing equipment in line with national industrial policy and advocated by the national new wall materials reform. It is designed and produced through the continuous innovation and improvement of our factory and staff (Modification of characteristics: from the cross out of the brick to a word out of brick, thereby increasing the yield and the one-time-forming changed from ten to twelve). After nearly 3 years' actual use, whether from the yield or from the stability of the equipment, molding time of this equipment has been greatly improved than the previous 3-type machine. It is also have obvious advantages when relative to similar products of other manufacturers.

Main features:


1. The hydraulic system is the most simplified, you can quickly grasp the operation of the machine.

2. The secondary cloth of simple level, organic combination of press-vibration, molded products have high density and excellen and performance.

3. Dual motor synchronous vibration molding, taking the use of variable frequency control,and the use of low-speed cruise control, motor speed technology to control the motor speed. Its products have high density, short molding cycle and high efficiency.

4. It has compact structure, simple operation,easy maintenance, stable and reliable,small floor space, economical and practical, suitable for small and medium-sized customers to start investment.

5. Electrical components of control system use international famous brands such as Omron, Siemens, ABB, etc.This is to ensure the stability of the control system, and the system operating parameters can be modified and set by touch screen.

6. Replacing the mold can produce hollow brick, standard brick, color paver, kerbstone, etc.One machine multipurpose.




Technical Specification:


2710×1400×2300 mm

Pallet Size


Vibration Frequency

3800-4500 r/min

Hydraulic Pressure

25 mpa

Vibration Force

68 KN

Cycle time





5500 KG


Product size (mm)



390*190*190 QT3-151030.png



390*140*190 QT3-151051.png



200*100*60  QT3-151072.png



225*112.5*60 QT3-151096.png



Running on wheel

Suitable for small and medium customers start, we can design on the trailer Which requires less land, less labors, no foundation and can easily move to another site.


QT3-15 MACHINE.jpg

Concrete products.jpg

Our Client.jpg


1.Which machine is most suitable for my project?

You should make sure how much work space you have to produce and store blocks, how many blocks you want to produce in a day, what your initial budget for this machine.


2.Can I use just one machine to make every type of blocks?

Yes,Our block making machine is designed to meet the mass production of various kinds of concrete masonry blocks like brick, blocks, pavers, slabs, curbs, interlocking types etc by just changing the mould. all you need to do is remove one type mould and replace with another, which cost at half hour for changing time.

3.what raw materials are required to produce blocks?

Cement, sand, aggregate Fine and coarse aggregates make up the bulk of a concrete mixture. The max diameter should require within 10mm.

4.Can I get installation for this machine?

We will arrange our engineer to your factory to guide installation and training,the customer will be responsible for all wages and expense of engineer.

5.How about warranty?

we promise 18 months guarantee for date of purchase, and agrees to repair or replace any defective part without charge,This warranty does not cover in cases of improper user, incorrect handling, insufficient maintenance, act of third parties, unauthorized service or modifications to the machine, damage resulting from accident, abuse, lack of reasonable care, normal wear or the addition of any other equipment not provided with product



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