Concrete Block Making Production Line

  • 6 Inch Block Making Machine

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    6 Inch Block Making Machine

    6 inch block making machine 1.New technology: Using the vibration system of our company's patented technology, the strongest power for exciting the acceleration up to 30G exceeds the national standard, so it can produce high-fidelity, high-intensity, high-density...Read More

  • Block Making Machine For Sale

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    Block Making Machine For Sale

    Block Making Machine for sale 1.The steel is in full compliance with the national industry standards and the welding process is advanced. The CO2 protective welding makes the various parts of the machine weld firmly and withstands strong vibrations. The service life is as...Read More

  • Molds For Concrete Pavers

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    Molds For Concrete Pavers

    Molds for concrete pavers 1.The mold is composed of an upper extrusion forming and a lower formation mould and is formed by vibrating up and down with a shock box. 2.Different quality steels are used in different parts of the mold 3.Different heat treatment methods...Read More

  • Stationary Block Making Machine

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    Stationary Block Making Machine

    Stationary block making machine Main machine: It adopts the integration of machine, electricity and liquid, automatic cycle operation, can automatically detect faults and display. Hydraulic unit: Concealed oil roads, occupying less space, more powerful power, adopting...Read More

  • QT12-15 Block Making Machine

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    QT12-15 Block Making Machine

    QT12-15 block making machine 1. This leading environmental performancemachine has been utilized the integration of equipment, electricity and liquid, PLC computer automatic control, monitoring each link in the whole process, and realizes fault self-locking, fault detection...Read More

  • Kerbstone Making Machine

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    Kerbstone Making Machine

    Kerbstone making machine The equipment is controlled by a fully automatic PLC computer system. The PLC is imported from Japan, and Japan's technology has been used in automatic control programs to make great adjustments to the previous equipment, so that the stability of...Read More

  • Hydraform Block Making Machine

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    Hydraform Block Making Machine

    Hydraform block making machine Frame structure: It is made of high-strength steel and special welding process, and it is sturdy. Guide column: Made of super-strength special steel, chrome plating has good bending and wear resistance. Tamper head: Electro-hydraulic synchronous...Read More

  • Cement Brick Machine

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    Cement Brick Machine

    Cement brick machine Cement bricks protect our country's precious land resources, and at the same time realize the reuse of resources. For example, bira nest, slag, construction waste, etc., which everyone considers to be garbage, can be transformed into unburned bricks...Read More

  • Concrete Block Mould

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    Concrete Block Mould

    Concrete block mould Concrete block mould uses computer-aided design (CAD), which means that the mould is optimized through a computer-centric system. According to the structural characteristics of the mold, the mold is divided into a planar stamping die and a cavity die with...Read More

  • Wooden Pallets For Sale

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    Wooden Pallets For Sale

    Wooden pallets for sale We use imported Southern Pine and Masson Pine as raw material through drying, degreasing, to ensure that the sheet is not deformed, reducing the shrinkage and expansion of the product, Between the product slats and slats using male and female joints,...Read More

  • Solid Block Making Machine

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    Solid Block Making Machine

    Solid block making machine It can independently choose machinery and automation functions. The production process is carried by the loader and conveyed to the molding machine. After the product is formed, it is automatically superimposed on the stack and finally transported...Read More

  • Small Hydraulic Block Making Machine

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    Small Hydraulic Block Making Machine

    Small hydraulic block making machine It mainly produces all kinds of special-shaped concrete blocks, reinforcing steel supporting blocks, mainly used for cast-in-place of buildings, highways, railways, bridges and ancient buildings, reinforced concrete protective layer...Read More

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